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Xbox 360 Slim Console Skin - Weed

All skins are made from quality, adhesive backed vinyl that is pre-cut to fit perfectly
Protect your Xbox 360 Slim Console from scratch & dust


How to do it:
step 1:Remove dust from both your console and controllers
step 2:Remove the button sections from the skins.
step 3:Apply the skin to your controller and your console 
very carefully.

Tip: Use a hair dryer to warm the sticker/skin, And use a hard object like a credit card (or similar) to squeeze any air pockets out. 

You can repeat the operation many times if needs be. Should the skin not line up perfectly, use the hair dryer again to warm the material and manipulate it as needs be. 

Please wait 2-3 hours before using your console so the adhesive can properly adhere to the console and controllers.

Package Included:
1 x Skin Sticker for Xbox 360 Slim console
2 x Skin sticker for two controllers

1 x free gift

(Console and controller is not included)

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