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URPOWER 3 in 1 PS4 Vertical Stand Console Cooler with Cooling Fan, Dualshock 4 Charging Station, Controller Charging Station with 14 Slot Game Disc Storage, 3 HUB USB Ports


Color: Balck & Blue


  • Multifunctional: 3 in 1. It's a PS4 console vertical stand with 2 colling fan, a controller charging station with 3 HUB ports and a game disc storage with 14 slot.
  • Good Helper. Keep your home in neat. All your PS4, controllers, game discs stay in here. Don't need to rummage through your house for anything.
  • Keep Cool: 2 built-in fans provide a higher speed to keep your PlayStation 4 console in cool and calm, no more overheating after long hours of game playing.
  • Time Saver: Charging station with 2 charger ports of higher power, you can charger your PS4 and controller faster and simultaneously.
  • Have More Fun: 3 HUB ports with powerful output for data transferring and charging.

Hardware Platform: PlayStation 4

Platform: PlayStation 4

Warranty: Money back within 60 days, free replacement within 180 days.

Details: Unique design, fashion and cool.
Enjoy your time with Nestsun PS4 vertical stand. Send the tidy home back to you and provide you more space to have fun.

1. High Charging speed. Both your PS4 concole and two controllers can be charged simultaneously.
2. Stay cool. Double cooling fan with excellent heat dissipation to prolong the life span of your PS4.
3. Have more fun. 3 HUB ports with powerful output for data transferring and charging. These USB Hubs are a great addition to your Entertainment System.
4. Practical: 2 charger ports to charge both your PS4 and your dualshock 4 controllers simultaneously.
5. 8 thumb grip stick covers for better game experience.
A MUST HAVE for your PS4 console and controllers.

Package Include:
1*Nestsun Dual Charger PS4 Vertical Stand
8*Nestsun Thumb Grip Stick Covers

Why the fan sounds so loud?
1. Please check the stand has been put steady or not.
2. Please check you put the PS4 in place or not.
3. There may something stuck in the stand.

Why my controller can't be charged?
1. The controller hasn't been plugged in completely as the case in it.
2. The controller isn't original.

You are welcome to contact us at if you have any problem or advise about our product.

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