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PS4 Dual USB Charging Dock Station Stand for PlayStation 4 Dualshock

1. Connect the USB of configured charging cable to the USB jack for PS4 console, computer or other standard DC5V power adaptor, and connect the MICRO USB to the MICRO jack of charging stock, to start charging 
2. Put for PS4 Wireless Controller on the charging stock in headstand, keeping its MICRO jack right connected with the charging slot to start charging.  The indicator light in the charging slot can indicate the charging state. With the light on, the stock is charging the battery pack. 
3. With the charging finnished, the indicator light goes out, and there is no indicator light in the charging jack. 
4.for PS4 Wireless Controller can self-control its charging state. When in low power, it charges automatically, when full, it disconnect the power automatically. 

1. It can also work for PS4 (two) Wireless Controller simutaneously 
2. The unique appearance is designed for PS4 handle 
3. When not charging it can also be used as a handle storage seat 
4. Power supplied by:for PS4 host, or other 5V USB output device 

1. Application: applicable to original for PS4 Wireless Controller 
2. Input Voltage: DC 5V 
3. Material: ABS  
4. Product size: 60 x 120 x 25mm 
5. Product weight: 53g


1 x Charging Dock 
1 x Charging Cable

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