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Nyko Data Bank - Xbox One

Brand: Nyko

ESRBAge Rating: Rating Pending


  • Easily upgrade the storage capacity of the Xbox One
  • Uses any standard 3.5" hard drive instead of more expensive, external hard drives
  • Save money and get more storage with 3.5" drives over 2.5" external drives
  • LED indicators illustrate when the Xbox One is saving content or accessing the hard drive.
  • Dedicated power cable provides the extra power needed for the 3.5" hard drive

Genre: action-games

Hardware Platform: xbox_one

Operating System: Xbox One

Platform: Xbox One

Details: Easily upgrade the hard-drive capacity of the Xbox One. The Data Bank for the Xbox One allows the use of a 3.5" hard drive to be used as an external hard drive in addition to the stock 2.5" hard drive that comes pre-installed on the system. 3.5" drives are less expensive at higher capacities than the 2.5" drives commonly found in standard external hard drives. The unit also includes a front facing LED indicator which illustrates when the Xbox One is saving or accessing content on the hard drive. The Data Bank is powered by its own dedicated power cable in order to provide the juice necessary to power the 3.5" hard drive. Installing the Data Bank is easy and takes only a few minutes. Simply attach the Data Bank to the top of the Xbox One and plug the USB cable into the back of the console. The USB connection allows the Xbox One to access the data stored on the 3.5" hard drive. Slide any 3.5" into the Data Bank and attach the drive hood.. Once the drive is properly installed, plug the Data Bank in to any wall outlet via the provided power cord and power on your system. With Data Bank installed the Xbox One's hard drive capacity can easily be augmented by installing most 3.5" hard drives, drastically increasing the amount of games and save files that can be saved on the system.

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