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Nintendo Switch Carry-All Case

Brand: Surge


  • Ideal travel case to protect your Nintendo Switch and games while on the go (console not included)
  • Designed to hold your Nintendo Switch and 8 game cartridges with a mesh pocket for accessories
  • Hard, structured exterior construction provides enhanced protection for your Nintendo Switch Tablet, Joy-Con controllers and accessories
  • Soft, microfiber interior protects your console and controllers from everyday wear and tear, bumps and scrapes
  • Precision molded design and elastic straps securely hold your Switch console in place and prevent it from moving around inside the case

Hardware Platform: Nintendo Switch

Operating System: Not Machine Specific

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Details: Keep your Nintendo Switch safe and protected with the SURGE Carryall Protective Travel Case. The elastic straps securely hold your game system in place, the mesh pocket holds your accessories, the game library holds up to 8 game cartridges and the hard, structured construction provides maximum protection for everything inside. It's the perfect case for gaming on the go. Console not included.

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