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Collective Minds Trigger Grips for Xbox One

Brand: Collective Minds

ESRBAge Rating: Everyone


  • FIRE FASTER - Adjustable throw mechanism engages the trigger instantly
  • ELITE CONTROL - Perfectly engineered to eliminate trigger pull latency
  • COMFORT - Rubber finish provides Silky smooth feel without increasing the size of the controller
  • BONUS - 8 Thumb Grips ( 2X 9mm convex, 2X 8mm concave, 2X 15mm FPS concave, 2X 15mm FPS convex)

Genre: Adventure

Hardware Platform: xbox_one

Operating System: Xbox One

Platform: Xbox One

Details: The trigger stop handles replace the original Xbox One controller handles and have a built in trigger stop mechanism reducing trigger range to the optimal stopping point for most FPS shooters. This enables the gamer to fire much faster and more frequently. The pull length of the trigger is also fully adjustable by the user even while the trigger stop handles are on the controller using the supplied tool. This allows the gamer to adjust the amount of throw necessary before firing in their favorite shooter for the maximum fire rate!!! Trigger stop handles provide adjustable pull length and reduced trigger range ideal for shooters. Normal triggers have a very long pull length and trigger range for general use and not optimized for shooters.

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