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Clear Top + Bottom Screen Protectors for Nintendo 3DS

Compatible With for Nintendo for 3DS XL / LL
New generic 2-LCD Kit Reusable Screen Protector compatible with for Nintendo For 3DS XL
Quantity: 1

NOTE: Please do not perform the installation in the dusty environment. 
Please read installation steps from the two tabs on the front and back protector layers before performing the installation.
An absolute must-have for 3DS XL owners - hard gameplay will quickly destroy your for touchscreen without one!
Always have a fresh protector on your for 3DS XL's LCD screens to protect against dust and scratches and to eliminate glare.
Offers tough, durable, transparent surface while keeping the LCD screen clean and unscratched
Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed
Includes Lint-free Cleaning Cloth
Quantity 1 of Screen Protectors included: 2 (Top LCD, and Bottom LCD Screen)
Accessory ONLY. Device not included

NOTE: Please apply the screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen

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