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Aluminum Alloy Metal L2 R2 & L1 R1 Triggers for Sony PS4 Controllers

- Aluminum alloy metal trigger & shoulder buttons for PS4 controllers 
- ONLY Fit official Sony PlayStation 4 controllers with the first generation button design, other PS4 Controller will not 

- Left and right side trigger button replacements (L2 / R2) with springs.
- Left and right side shoulder button replacements (L1 / R1). 
- Ultra hard wearing with the textured surface design. 
- Require technical internal fitting

- The controller must be opened to install. 


Personalise your controller with these cool and super durable solid metal trigger and shoulder buttons for PS4. 

Manufactured from a single piece of metal, these buttons are a super durable solution for your controller. 

The triggers and shoulder buttons have been designed to match the originals so that they can be fitted without additional modification to the controller. 

PLEASE NOTE: These buttons will only fit PS4 controllers that have the first generation trigger and shoulder button design. The second generation type was released in late 2015, controllers purchased after this time are likely to be incompatible with these buttons. The best way to check compatibility is to open your controller to check which button design you have. 

Replacing the buttons requires you to open the controller, technical level medium, opening your controller will void any manufacturer warranty. 

Note: Only fits PS4 controller model : JDM 001,011, 020, 020

Does not fit PS4 controller model : JDM 030

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