How does Spectra FPS support the gaming community?

The gaming community is a massive collection of gaming enthusiasts, gear heads, pro / casual gamers, and more. 

We like to offer our support to gamers who are building their channels and increasing their followers with our CASH based sponsorship program. 

Gamers and teams of any level can register for the program on our website here:

The benefits include a percentage of sales referred by the gamer/team which is paid out in cash via PayPal. 

In some cases, gamers will be given a free product to use and review, but this is only done based on a set of criteria we use to measure the return on the investment. 

More to come....

As of January 2017 gamers will be able to earn cash on referral sales for various gaming products and accessories such as headphones, skins, controller mods, and more. Spectra FPS will become the online version on your typical gaming store, but we will support the community and gamers internationally through our programs. 

If you refer a fan or a friend to pick up some new gear on, you'll earn a % of that sale as commission. 

We are extremely excited to launch the redesigned site, and massive product catalog for all gamers to see. 

For questions on our program or to register you can visit or email us at