Who is Spectra FPS?

Spectra FPS was founded in March 2016. Our mission is to bring high quality gaming glasses and accessories to market, but make them affordable for the every day gamer. 

There's two sides to our story. On one hand, some of our products are built with safety and health in mind. On the other hand, some of our future releases will be geared towards pure gaming advantage over your opponents. 

What you can expect from Spectra FPS in the future is a wide array of gaming glasses styles with various features, as well as gaming gear to give you the edge and elevate your game. 

About the team?

At the current time, Spectra FPS is ran by Jonathan Fortier. As a gamer, I sought out to bring better products and options to the masses. And make our products much more affordable than the competitors. All while keeping the quality at a high level to ensure customers satisfaction and product durability. 

I can be reached directly at jonathanf@spectrafps.com or through the contact form.

We invite you to come and join us on all the major social media platforms. We post regularly, and often run deals through various platforms.