Gaming Glasses - Putting a price on eyesight
Can you put a price on your visual health? How much is eyesight worth to you? 

I think the answer is pretty obvious. There is nothing more valuable than the ability to see!

We started Spectra FPS with the goal of providing gaming glasses (aka blue light glasses, anti-blue glasses, computer glasses, blue ray glasses) at affordable prices that gamers today can afford. 

We didn't cheap out with plastic frames, or cheap lenses. We offer mainly metal frames, with CR39 lenses which are ideal for added levels of protection to your eyesight. 

With all of these competitors jumping on the bandwagon with their ultra low grade options, don't let yourself be fooled. If you think about it, your visual health is at risk. 

Spectra FPS offers higher end options, for the low prices gamers can afford. This is truly an investment into your visual health's future, and it's worth every penny. 

We invite you to visit our gaming glasses collection to learn more.