How can gaming glasses help my Dyslexia / Irlen Syndrome?

Although our glasses were made with computer and gaming in mind, they do have benefits for sufferers of dyslexia. 

The yellow tint to the lens helps bring the reader/user to easily see text due to the change in contrast. Whites are toned down, and blacks pop out. 

"Irlen syndrome is similar in nature to dyslexia. Those with Irlen syndrome find that they have difficulty reading black on white text. The print appears distorted, blurry, broken up or might even appear to move on the page. Researchers believe that the treatment method for Irlend syndrome might actually be useful for those with dyslexia."

This simple solution, allows someone suffering from dyslexia or Irlen syndrome to decrease any visual strain and see a more pronounced text while reading or working. This, in theory, should minimize the effect of common symptoms. 

You may have heard about using yellow tinted glasses specifically for your dyslexia or Irlen syndrome, and we're happy to say that ours can help. With our 30 day return policy, there's no risk to trying a pair. 

Visit to purchase a pair today, and if you are not completely satisfied, return the item for a full refund. (Just pay return shipping & handling)